About us

AlHoss is a brand that turns ideas, dreams and imagination into reality, by drawing and designing them on fabrics with high quality and professionalism to create special pieces that unique women can sparkle in. What a wonderful thing to be able to wear your ideas and for it to be seen

The story behind ALHOSS as a brand name

The reason behind choosing AlHoss as my brand, came from my mother always calling by this name with a tone of pride.. I can never forget the way I feel when I hear here calling me.. That is why, from this point of view and feeling, I named my brand Alhoss; to hold the same pride as I have.


The meaning of our logo

The logo was designed and inspired by the fabric and was handwritten by the designer as a signature that symbolizes the uniqueness of her ideas and designs. In which it eventually resulted to it’s final form: the “infinity sign” as there are no limits to the flow of creativity and beauty.